Engel 30-Quart Portable Cooler Review

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Having one of the best coolers makes it easy to plan your fishing and marine trips. If you invest in a good cooler, you can always keep your drinks cold or food warm for a longer period. You won’t miss having your refrigerator and microwave around. The problem most people face is knowing which cooler they should buy.

Some coolers are more reliable than others. Another issue is that coolers come in different shapes and sizes. Most people prefer portable coolers because they can easily fit in your car and won’t take up space – like the Engel 30-Quart Cooler.

Engel 30-Quart 48 Can Portable Leak-Proof Cooler Review

This Engel cooler is one of the most reliable coolers you can get today. It comes in handy when you want to keep your food or drinks dry, hot, or cold. This cooler is completely insulated and airtight, which makes it easy to keep cold or hot air in.

The Engel Cooler will keep your food fresh and safe. Interestingly, it not only serves for food or drinks storage; it can be used to store your medical supplies, safety equipment, camera set, and even your electrical equipment.

Who is This Cooler for?

If you are looking for a multifunctional cooler for any purpose, the Engel 30-Quart is one of the best in the market. It is designed for outdoor use, for your barbecue parties, picnics, fishing trips, and camping adventure. This cooler is also a great accessory for professional photographers who need a safe place to store their camera equipment. It can be used by anyone and is made for almost all storage purposes.

What’s Included?

When you buy the Engel 30-Quart cooler, it comes with everything needed to preserve your food, drinks, or other equipment. The cooler is waterproof, at least for up to a depth of 3 feet. The box is odor-resistant and stain-resistant and is built with a foam core made from high-quality polystyrene core insulation.

Its polystyrene foam keeps the hot air and cold air inside. The Engel cooler is made with marine-grade stainless steel latches and an ergonomic carry handle.

Overview of Features

The Engel 30-Quart Cooler is a high-quality cooler designed to keep your food or drinks at the temperature you want them. Its thick insulation foam covers the entire chest, making it airtight. The stainless steel latches are quality and rust-free. The latches will lock the cooler tightly to prevent it from opening and the contents from falling out.

One of the attractive features of the Engel cooler is its portability. The can is relatively small but will still hold enough drinks for a party out with friends. One of the best features of this cooler is its ergonomic handle which allows you to easily lift it whether the contents are hot or cold. The entire construction is designed to make it easy to lift and move around.

This cooler is made of high-quality materials designed to last for years. The plastic build is durable, and the same can be said of the stainless steel latches. The parts can handle rigorous use, and you can also attach shoulder straps to it for easy carriage. There are other Engel accessories you can get with this amazing cooler if you want to take it out on a fishing trip.

Looking at the design, the Engel 30-Quart cooler comes in five color options. The colors are solid and very attractive compared to other types of coolers. When it comes to aesthetics, this cooler is a winner, and that makes it a favorite in the market today.

How to Use Engel 30-Quart 48 Can Portable Leak-Proof Cooler

You can get the most from your Engel cooler when you use it the right way. You should keep your cooler precooled when you need to take it out. If you are storing cold drinks in it, you can fill the cooler with ice the night before you take it out.

Also, ensure that the drinks you are taking along with you are already chilled or frozen instead of at room temperature. You should freeze the drinks before packing them in the cooler.

You also need to pack more ice just in case it takes a longer time to enjoy your drinks, so they remain chilled. You will need enough ice, preferably more than the number of drinks in the cooler. If you only sprinkle a little ice on the surface, it won’t have any effect.

Also, the quality of ice you use is important. The ice from your refrigerator is not always as cold as the ones you get from a commercial ice maker. Your best bet will be to mix dry ice with regular cubed ice.

You should ensure you don’t leave any air gaps in your cooler when packing your food or drinks. The cooler should be filled up to capacity if possible. You can use a lot of ice for drinks or a towel or paper to prevent the ice from melting fast.


It is not every time you see a quality cooler like the Engel cooler, but one alternative you can opt for is the YETI Roadie 20 Cooler. However, unlike the Engel portable cooler, the YETI, though compact, can hold just 14 cans of drinks. It has PermaFrost insulation that helps preserve your beverages and snacks. It also comes with T-Rex lid latches made from a high-quality rubber material. It is suitable for boat trips, camping, picnics, and parties.


Now that you know everything about this Engel portable cooler, we recommend you get it. It has an overall impressive design and is very reliable. You can trust your food and drinks are safe when you keep them in this airtight can. This cooler from Engel is top-notch and durable. It has enough space for storage despite its compact size and will keep your ice longer than most other coolers.

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