How to Choose the Best Rod Holders for Your Boat

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There are so many different kinds of fishing rod holders to choose from that I couldn’t possibly write an article about all of them. 

Instead, let me give you some ideas on how to choose from all the fishing pole rod holders by understanding what to look for.

Since your needs are going to be very specific, it’s important to understand what makes a good one in general. 

Then I will give you an example of one that I think is very good and what makes it so. (Spoiler Alert: It’s the Fish On rod holders!)

Read on to see what these fishing pole rod holders are all about!

Types Of Rod Holders

  • For Boats – You have quite a wide variety of ways to hold your rod when out on the water. Your choices are gunwale holders, flush mount, horizontal and vertical. There are a lot of ways to fish when out at sea or on a lake.  You can use them for trolling or even bouncing jigs without needing to be at your rod at all times. 
  • For A Kayak – On a small space like a fishing kayak, whether it is sit on top or sit inside, you need to maximize every inch. You can get some PVC fishing rod holders that attach to a milk crate so you can carry a few extra rods with you. Or attach a horizontal holder so you can troll a line behind you. If you just need to get your rod under control while you bait a line or land a fish then you can always go for a flush mounted type.

My Idea Of The Best Type


If you are looking for a great all around horizontal holder then the Fish On rod holder should be atop your list.

It fits on any railing for trolling from a boat or kayak. With a secure sliding lock ring your rod will stay put even with a big fish on. It takes up only a very small amount of space and offers up 360 degree horizontal movement. 

I love the big locking lever to secure it into place. It’s easy to turn even with wet hands. The design is ideal for spinning, casting or fly fishing rods.

If you fish mainly on the salt you will love how durable the Fish On rod holders are!

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