For The Best Angler Kayak Paddle Check Out These Werner Paddles

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Picking the best angler kayak paddle is easy these days. All you have to do is look at Bending Branches and in this case Werner paddles.

Those two brands lead the way in innovation when it comes to kayak fishing paddles to make sure you get the most enjoyable experience on your yak.

Today, we’re going to review the best models of the Werner lineup since they are so perfectly designed and engineered.

Let’s take a look at a couple plus a handy buyer guide so you know how to choose the right one.

How To Pick A Fishing Paddle

Once you’ve checked out our guide on how to size an angler kayak paddle, you’re ready to then dive deeper and figure out how to choose an angler kayak paddle, too.

Low Angle Paddling vs High Angle

There are two predominant ways to paddle low or high angle. 

Low angle paddling is when you use a long paddle that makes it easy to get the blade into the water. Mainly parallel to the surface of the water, you use the thin blades to perform easy strokes. 

When fishing this stroke is important because low angle paddling is very quiet. It doesn’t disrupt the water too much so the fish don’t even know your coming.

You won’t win any speed competitions with this type of paddling, but in a nicely trimmed kayak you’ll glide easily.

Then there is high angle paddling which uses a shorter paddle with larger blades. This type of paddling is when you want to make good time and have a lot of water to cover. You almost chop the blade into the water to pull a lot of water with one stroke. Obviously you can see how disruptive this style is and how it makes more noise which spooks the fish.

Adjustable Feathering

If you aren’t too familiar with kayaking terminology then this one might be confusing. All it is though is the ability to change the angle of one or both blades. 

Many newbie kayakers will have the blades symmetrical since it seems easier to paddle. It is easier to learn how to paddle but paddling becomes much easier when you can change the angle of the blades, which is called feathering.

Most adjustable feathering paddles will allow you to have the blades at up to 60° angles from each other.

Once you know how to properly paddle, then it really pays to feather your blades.

Shaft Style

The more comfortable you are paddling the longer you can stay on the water. 

Whatever the shape or style of the shaft is really up to personal preference, but it pays to know your preference.

You can have a straight shaft or a bent shaft which can make it really easy to paddle, especially when you have your blades feathered.

Shafts that feature an oval shape are usually much easier on the wrists to reduce fatigue and allow for longer paddling sessions.

Shaft And Blade Material

Keeping your angler kayak paddle as lightweight as possible is always a good idea. Even if you are a strong paddler, it pays to shave off a few ounces from your paddle.

Look for carbon fiber shafts and blades to keep your paddle strong and durable while also reducing the weight. 

Fiberglass is also strong but weighs a bit more. Lowest on the list should be an aluminum which can be quite heavy and also is prone to denting.

Werner Shuna Kayak Paddle

Let’s look at the first Werner kayak paddle used in this review. The ultimate in the line of Werner carbon kayak paddles is the Werner Shuna kayak paddle. 

It’s lightweight, it is sturdy and it is durable. Best of all it makes paddling easy. When you don’t want to come off of the water, this paddle will allow you to keep fishing since you will feel a lot less fatigue.

The bent shaft may take a bit of practice to get used to, but once you get the hang of it, it actually makes paddling very easy.

You’ll be able to sneak up on the fish since your strokes will be shallow and quiet due to the unique shape of the shaft and the thin blades.

It has an adjustable ferrule that is easy to see so you know how incremental you need to adjust without going too far.


  • Quality carbon weave material
  • Dihedral enhances blade maneuverability
  • 2 piece take-apart design
  • Smart-View adjustable ferrule
  • Average weight 843 g – 29.75 oz

Werner Tybee 2-pc Carbon-Reinforced Kayak Paddle

Time for a Werner kayak paddle used by a few of my friends. Another great Werner carbon kayak paddle that works great for kayak fishing is the Tybee. 

This is also a really nice Werner carbon kayak paddle for those on a budget as it has probably the lowest price you can find for a Wener paddle without sacrificing performance.

The shaft is straight which works great for beginners new to kayaking.

If you prefer high angle paddling then the shape of the blade is ideal for that. When you are fishing in a big area and need to cover a lot of water then this will get you to the fish very quickly.


  • Carbon Fiber reinforced
  • 2-piece Carbon Blend Straight shaft
  • Smart View Adjustable Ferrule 
  • Weight: 1 lb 14 oz (858 g)
  • Blade Surface Area: 239.4 sq in (608 cm)


I hope these two reviews of the best angler kayak paddle is helpful. I know you won’t regret ever buying a Werner kayak paddle used in this review, but is the Werner shuna kayak paddle right for you? Or the Tybee?

Well, check out our other article about how to pick the right length paddle so you will know which one is going to work best for you. Either one of these paddles will work great, but they are also both very different so it depends on how you are looking to paddle.

If you have any questions about these or any other angler kayak paddles then leave a comment in the box below. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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