Best Bass Fishing Lure Kits

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If you have never seen a bass explode on a surface lure then you are in for a real treat when you set yourself up with the best bass fishing lure kits!

Bass may not be the pickiest fish around when it comes to having a preferred bait to chase, but they do follow some patterns.

Having a variety of lures and jigs will ensure that you are prepared for every type of scenario when you hit the ponds or lakes.

In this article, I am going to review some of the top bass fishing lures that you need to have in every bass fishing lure kits.

Let’s dive in and see what you need to get started with bass fishing.

Stick Bait

These baits are called stick baits simply because they are straight in appearance. For bass fishing, they can look like worms or even mimic minnows. 

When you are outfitting your tacklebox you’ll need to have a variety of colors. Since the bait will appear different in different settings you’ll want to match what the bass is expecting.

Lighter colors actually work best when it is sunny and for some reason the darker ones work great when there is low light.

Use these around the edges of weed beds, underwater grasses or even where there are tree roots.

There is really no wrong way to fish it which makes it ideal for a beginner. Worms don’t have a regular swim pattern so feel free to be creative with your rod tip twitching or action.

Spinner Baits

The reason spinnerbaits are such a great bass lure for a beginner is it doesn’t require a ton of expertise or finesse to be successful with one. Essentially all you do with a spinnerbait is cast it out and reel it straight in.

All the action comes from the design of the lure itself. Sure, you can twitch the rod tip to give it even more of a dance, but it isn’t necessary. Just let the lure do the work for you.

Since they can be retrieved so quickly, they are great for the fisherman who likes to cover a lot of water.

Work an area and if you don’t get any strikes, then you can move to the next spot and continue. When you don’t have much time to fish these are ideal to have in your bass fishing lure kits.

Look for ones that have a trailer hook since sometimes the bass can be hard to trick. They may want to give it a nibble to investigate and then they get stung by the trailing hook.

If you are fishing in a pond or lake with lots of weeds then make sure to rig one with a weed guard to keep it moving freely.

Topwater Lures

One of the most exciting ways to fish is with a topwater lure. When a bass chases it and explodes on it, it’s surreal.

There are a few different kinds and they each have a specific role and best time to be used.

Here are a few that you need to have in your bass lure kit.


These top bass fishing lures get their name because when used properly, they pop across the surface of the water.

All you have to do is cast them out and let them sit. Every so often you jerk your rod tip to make the cup on the face of the lure disrupt the surface and make a “popping” noise.

A hungry bass can’t resist chasing a popper because they think it’s a baitfish in distress.

There is no rule of thumb for how often you “pop” the lure. Really it depends how active the bass are at that time. Sometimes three second pauses will trigger strikes while other times slowing down will do it. And sometimes a constant chugging action will get it done, where you barely pause between rod jerks.

A top bass fishing lures for topwater is the Yo-Zuri 3DB Popper Floating Lure as it floats when you pause it rather than sink.

Imitation Frogs

One of the best crankbaits for catching bass is an imitation frog. Using a “walk the dog” technique in which a lure is wiggled side to side.

When you use that technique with one of these frogs, the presentation is of a natural looking frog swimming but with the appearance of being injured. 

Look for the kind with a soft body and hidden hooks on the body. Flow tails will look like long frog legs that will be impossible for a bass to resist.


Buzzbaits are another form of topwater lure, known for catching big, trophy-sized bass. Buzzbaits have a propeller blade that chops the water along the surface, creating sound and vibration to lure in bass. 

They don’t float as well as other topwater lures, so they’ll need a constant retrieve to keep them buzzing near the surface.

Casting it out and retrieving the lure in a straight retrieve is the basic way to fish it, and should be the first method you try.


Jerkbaits are slender minnow-shaped lures that work well in clear water. The basic retrieve is a jerk-jerk-pause, jerk-jerk-twitch-pause rhythm that makes the bait dart along under the surface. These lures pull bass up from rocky bottoms, submerged weeds and out from under boat docks.

They come in two types: floating and suspending.

A suspending one will gently fall through the water column and kind of float under the surface without sinking to the bottom.

During the summer when the minnows have all hatched and are growing then this is the time to break out a jerk bait.

You’ll want to match the hatch so to speak so try out different lengths depending on the size of the bait that is present.

Top Bass Fishing Lures Kit 

When you want a tacklebox already filled with all the lures you need to get started then take a look at PLUSINNO Bass Fishing Lure kits.

These bass fishing lure kits are already stocked with high quality jigs, lures, hooks and more.

You’re forced to use the ones in the kit rather than have complete control over the lures if you outfit it yourself, but you save a lot of money this way.

As you fish you can learn what works and what doesn’t while saving time and money with an already filled kit.

You can also target other types of fish based on some of the lures included in these bass fishing lure kits so you aren’t forced to fish for bass when they aren’t biting.

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