Best Portable Fish Finders

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Portable fish finders are small, handheld devices that make use of sonar technology to detect movement and objects beneath the surface of the water. They are great for detecting various kinds of fish, both small and large, and they generally do not require boat mounting.

Finding the right portable fish finder can be a challenging undertaking, especially if you’re not familiar with the device. We’ve put together this list of some of the best portable fish finders out there to help you find your perfect match.

Portable Fish Finder Reviews

LUCKY Portable Handheld Fish Finder

Starting off this list, we have this handheld fish finder from LUCKY. It features an updated 2.4-inch, TFT, color, LCD screen that provides a clearer image of what the device picks up. It also displays underwater contours, water depth, and more.


The great thing about this portable fish finder from LUCKY is that you can test out all of its functions in a simulation, then go fishing using the transducer mode. This allows you to get a feel for what the device can do before you take it out on the water with you. This fish finder provides you with a 26-foot wired operating distance and depth detection of 328 feet.

It also boasts a 45° beam angle with 200KHz detection. This fish finder is rechargeable and comes with a USB cable that allows you to charge it on the go, and when it is fully charged, it can function for five continuous hours. One great feature of this fish finder is the fish alarm. As you may have guessed, it will sound an alarm when the device detects fish, depending on your settings.

The brightness of the screen can be adjusted, allowing you to read the data it presents clearly, whether it’s a sunny day or whether you’re doing some fishing in the dark. You can choose between three types of underwater contour displays to suit your needs and preferences, and you can also set up the sensitivity, depth range, fish alarm, and more.

Unfortunately, the LUCKY fish finder tends to detect weed beds just as often as it detects fish, which can become quite frustrating.


  • All functions testable in simulation
  • Rechargeable
  • Fish alarm function
  • Adjustable screen brightness


  • Often detects weed beds

Deeper PRO+ Portable Smart Sonar Fish Finder

If you’re looking for a truly premium fish-finding experience, then look no further than the Deeper PRO+ portable fish finder, which comes with several high-tech features to make you a master at spotting and catching fish, no matter where you are.


The PRO+ fish finder from Deeper comes with some of the best specifications in the industry. It can scan deeper and be cast further than many other fish finders on the market, and it boasts many more features than your average sonar portable fish finder. You can use it for shore, boat, and ice fishing, so it is quite versatile, as well.

The Deeper PRO+ comes with an integrated GPS that allows you to create bathymetric maps from the shore. You are also able to enjoy free access to Lake Book, which is Deeper’s bathymetric management platform where you can review, save, and analyze all of your maps on any device and from anywhere.

The PRO+ portable fish finder can connect to your phone or tablet using your WiFi, though you don’t need to be connected to the internet. If you want your connection to be truly uninterrupted, then you should turn off your cellular data, as well.

This fish finder can scan down to 260 feet, with a 0.5-inch target separation, broad/narrow dual beam, and 15 scans per second. You can view map depth, find structures, and detect both fish and vegetation.

The only gripe we have with the PRO+ is that its battery only lasts a little over a year. After that, you need to purchase a replacement.


  • High-spec fish finder
  • Can be cast farther than other models
  • Deeper scanning
  • Integrated GPS


  • 1-year battery life

Venterior Portable Rechargeable Fish Finder

As the name suggests, this portable fish finder from Venterior can be recharged, which can be a huge bonus for anyone who doesn’t want to have to replace their fish finder completely every few months. It’s also one of the more affordable models on this list.


The great thing about Venterior’s rechargeable fish finder is that it is both wireless and castable, which means you won’t have to struggle with a long and heavy cable for the transducer. The clear color screen comes with two selectable background colors, allowing you to read the information on the screen both in the sunlight and in the darkness of night.

This portable fish finder is suitable for use in a sea, lake, river, or any other fishing environment, and it can be trolled from a boat or kayak, cast from the shore, or used in ice fishing. The device detects and displays the water temperature, water depth, fish size, fish depth, and the contour of the bottom of the body of water.

It features both a Simulation and a Work mode, allowing you to test out all of its features before you take it out onto the water with you. The measurements can be converted to the unit of your preference, as well.

The one major downside to this product is its battery life, which doesn’t last a full day, so don’t expect to use it on your day-long fishing trips, at least not if you don’t bring a portable charger with you.


  • Wireless and castable
  • Two screen background colors
  • Suitable for any fishing environment
  • Displays detailed information


  • Short battery life

RICANK Portable Fish Finder

If a standard, everyday portable fish finder is what you’re after, then RICANK has you covered with this affordable option. It comes with all of the features you’d expect from a good fish finder but without a bloated price tag.


This portable fish finder detects and displays the depth of the water, approximate fish location, fish size, tall and short weeds, and sand and rocks at the bottom of the body of water. It is suitable for kayak fishing, off-shore fishing, lake fishing, ice fishing, river fishing, sea fishing, and so on.

We highly recommend RICANK’s fish finder if you’re looking for a device that is easy to use and doesn’t overburden you with useless complexities and features. The detection range of this fish finder is a 45° cone beneath the water, and it has a depth range of 3 feet to 328 feet. The sensor is equipped with a 25-foot cable and a removable transducer float, and the water depth is shown in feet or meters.

The great thing about this fish finder is that you can choose from five different sensitivity options. You can also choose blacklight mode, battery save mode, fish alarm, and unit of measurement, making this a very versatile fish finder. Generally, most fish finders will provide you with about five hours of battery life, but if you choose the battery save mode on the RICANK model, you can get even more use out of it.

Unfortunately, there is no way to turn off the alarm sound on this device, so anytime it detects anything, it’s going to make a noise.


  • Simple and effective
  • Easy to use
  • Removable transducer float
  • Five different sensitivity options


  • Cannot disable detection sound

MOOCOR Underwater Fishing Camera

To end this list, we have a different spin on the concept of a portable fish finder. Rather than take the traditional route, MOOCOR developed an underwater fishing camera that serves a similar purpose to the traditional fish finder but puts the detection in your hands.


This fish finder camera includes two different parts – the underwater camera itself and the HD LCD monitor that displays everything the camera sees. It’s a great tool for those who enjoy fishing but don’t want to have to rely on sonar to find their next catch.

With this underwater camera, you will clearly be able to see when a fish bites your hook so that you can begin drawing the line in. The portable LCD fish monitor comes with a sun visor and an LED backlight, allowing you to use it both during the daytime when the sun shines bright and at night when visibility is low.

The fishing camera comes with Far INfrared LED lights, and the 1000TVL HD camera provides you with a realistic image of the underwater environment below you. The cable is 15 meters long, allowing you to extend the camera quite far out, and it’s also waterproof and resistant to the cold.

The one issue we have with this fish finder is that pointing the camera in one direction and then getting it to stay fixed in that direction is nearly impossible due to currents and the movement of the water.


  • Unique underwater camera
  • Long cable
  • Resistant to cold and water
  • Can be used during the day and at night


  • Can be difficult to operate

Wrapping Up

Fish finders are essential tools for any dedicated fisher, and we highly recommend that you check out some of the devices mentioned above. We hope that you found this review useful. Happy fishing!

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