Best VHF Marine Radios

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To stay safe while out on your boat, you need a proper communication device. This could be in the form of a reliable VHF radio. This will help you to stay connected to weather channels, as well as emergency communication channels in the case of disasters.

Let’s take a look at the best VHF Marine radios that will help keep you safe and in touch without leaving you high and dry. Just keep reading through this review to see which one of these marine radios will be the best for you and your boat.

VHF Marine Radios Reviews

MR F45-D VHF Marine Radio From Cobra

Stay in touch and get up-to-date weather alerts and other information with this very reliable VHF marine radio from Cobra. It is made with durability in mind, so it will not leave you stranded. It is also available in different colors for variety.


For emergency situations, you have instant access to channel 6 and channel 19, so you will have constant coverage. This will help you in the case of a storm while you are far out on the water.

This radio can memorize your favorite channels for quick and easy access at a later time. These channels can be scanned anytime you need to catch up with ongoing conversations to help you stay up to date with important events or feedback.

You also have instant access to NOAA channels for weather updates and national hazards situations that may occur. This access is available 24 hours a day, so you can be sure to get the latest news updates on your radio.

This radio will also produce a variety of power outputs of 1, 3, or even 6 watts for different communication ranges. It is designed to be compact and lightweight, and it is waterproof enough to be submerged without being damaged.

You can use this radio in the USA or Canada, and you can use any of the international channels on any of the available channel maps. Unfortunately, with this radio, there is no antenna included, meaning you will have to buy one separately. It is also a bit difficult to set it up.


  • Comes with a good output volume
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Provides instant access to two channels
  • Comes with dual-channel monitoring capability


  • Difficult to set it up
  • No antenna included

Standard Horizon GX1400 Eclipse VHF Radio From Yaesu

This newest upgrade provided by Yaesu comes with several features that make it much easier to use and operate. It also comes with easily accessible controls, which are located within easy reach on the radio’s microphone.


This VHF radio comes with a very durable design, so it will be able to withstand rough weather conditions on the open sea. It comes with a waterproof design, so you do not need to worry about it getting damaged if soaked by water.

With the easy-to-operate E20 menu system included, you will have quick and easy access to all the features included with the radio. You can also quickly and easily change between the channels with pushbuttons.

The clear display provides you with all the information you need, such as the time as well as the current GPS position. Also included with this radio is the standard NMEA connection option to a compatible GPS chart plotter.

There is also the soft keys programmable option that is available for easy access to regularly used functions. The scan functions will also help you scan all channels for ongoing conversations and emergency channels for the latest news updates.

To be able to communicate both short-range and long-range, you have the dual-power output option of 1 watt or 25 watts. Furthermore, the 3-year free repairs option will provide you with peace of mind.

For those who want to be able to choose their own color, they may have to look elsewhere, as this radio is only available in one color. Also, the display is not very bright, so you may struggle to read it in sunny weather.


  • Waterproof design
  • Easy to understand display
  • Comes with a dual-power output option
  • 3-year free repairs warranty included


  • Only available in one color
  • Display is not very bright

Atlantis 155 Handheld Two-Way VHF Marine Radio By Uniden

With great features included, this lightweight and compact handheld VHF radio will keep you in touch with all the necessary channels. When it comes to reliability, you can use this VHF radio from Uniden to stay connected all the time.


With this VHF radio, you will only need 4 AA batteries to operate it, and it also comes with a charging cable included. These batteries are included when you purchase this radio, so you can have it up and running in no time to stay connected and safe.

This VHF radio has a red backlight included for night-time readouts. For daytime readouts, you have a white background, so you will be able to read it even on clear, sunny days.

It will also clear the speaker of any water after being submerged to give you a clear communication channel. The compact design of this radio from Uniden makes it easy to keep on you all the time for increased safety.

This radio will easily float in the water if it accidentally falls overboard, so it will be easy to retrieve it. It is also made to be waterproof, making it safe to use on any marine vessel even on rainy days.

Overall, this handheld VHF radio is ideal for those emergency situations where you need to have easy access to your communication device. It has access to all marine radio channels from the US, as well as other international channels.

Unfortunately, you may find that the battery will not last as long as it should if the radio is submerged too often. In general, the battery life is also not very long, so you need to have extra batteries around just in case.


  • Only needs AA batteries to operate
  • Comes with a white background for easy day-time reading
  • Able to access all marine radio channels
  • Batteries and DC charging cable included


  • Does not have a very long battery life
  • Battery may get damaged if submerged often

M330-11 Fix Mount VHF Radio From Icom

To keep you safe on the water, you need a VHF radio that will be able to keep you connected in all conditions and environments. That is what you get with this radio from Icom that comes with built-in safety features that may just save your life.


You can use the tag scan to scan for all available channels, as well as for emergency channels. This will keep you safe while you are out on the water and will help you get all the latest news updates and hazard warnings.

Having all of these channels within reach will also increase the safety factor of this VHF radio, so you can be connected with your communication device at all times.

With this radio from Icom, you also have a CH70 built-in dedicated receiver, so you have a direct connection to emergency services.

The fact that it can be mounted in the cabin makes it safe to use and close at hand when you need to communicate. It will also not move around if you are in rough waters or when you encounter a storm out on the sea.

Furthermore, it is also compatible with other navigation and GPS systems, so you should not get lost when alone in a storm. This is possible with the common NMEA connection interface that will easily fit onto almost all navigation and GPS systems.

However, this unit does not come with an internal GPS, making it necessary to connect to an external navigation system. It also has only a maximum range of around 18 miles, making it a bit unsafe to go too far out to sea with it.


  • Compatible connections for external GPS
  • Makes use of secured fixed-mount options
  • Comes with all emergency channels included
  • Tag scan is easy and quick to use


  • No built-in GPS
  • Low maximum range

MR HH350 FLT Handheld Floating VHF Radio From Cobra

This VHF handheld radio from Cobra is available in a variety of models with many great features included, as well as different color options. It also comes with durable construction, making it ideal to be used in the rough environment you will get on the open sea.


With a battery life of up to 1,600 hours, you will be able to stay in constant communication with this VHF radio from Cobra. The batteries are included to make it easier to get your communications up and running as soon as possible.

You have access to up to 16 channels with this radio, which will keep you connected and in communication with emergency channels at all times. It is also connected to all the NOAA weather channels for up-to-date information on weather conditions and hazardous situations.

The noise-canceling microphone included with this radio makes it much easier to have clear communications. This feature may just be the difference between life and death in an emergency situation where you need clear instructions.

You also have different output power options of 1, 3, and 6 watts, which gives you access to short-range and long-range communications. It also comes with a backlit display to make it much easier to read even in bright daylight, helping you stay informed at all times.

Unfortunately, the volume of the built-in speaker in this VHF radio is not very loud and may cause problems for some people. Also, some of the parts of this radio may be corroded by saltwater if submerged too often, making it not last that long.


  • Very long battery life is convenient
  • Access to all weather channels
  • Equipped with a noise-canceling microphone
  • Backlit display for easy visibility


  • Speaker volume is not very loud
  • Saltwater may corrode some of the parts


The Cobra MR HH350 FLT Handheld Floating VHF Marine Radio seems like the best radio to have with you to keep you connected and safe. In second place is the very reliable fix-mounted Cobra MR F45-D marine radio with dual-power output for short-range and long-range communication.

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