Deeper vs. iBobber Fish Finder

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Fish can be tricky to locate in large expanses of water. Whether it’s just an unfamiliar location or simply not popular among fish, it isn’t easy to find them. This is why fish finders are trending among everyone. It’s one of the best inventions for the fishing world.

With technology taking the reins in every task there is, why would fishing be deprived of this blessing? Fish finders are getting better and better with each passing year. On the top of the list for fish finders, you are bound to the brands Deeper and iBobber. But which of these is the best?

Let’s consider both the devices one by one and find out.

The Deeper Fish Finder

The Deeper fish finder is compatible with most people who like to go fishing. If you take note of all the best qualities for Deeper, the best would be the size. The size is perfect for carrying around into the water. It’s handy and has a radar that spreads for miles.

The fish finder now even has a range of smart devices available that you can choose according to your own needs. It has many more additional features too that you can take advantage of. This includes extra information like the water depth and the temperature.

There have been some issues regarding the battery life of Deeper. However, most of its customer base has testified that the battery worked great for them.

The iBobber Fish Finder

iBobber also has many of the elements that Deeper has. Along with a great battery life, iBobber requires less connectivity power and works on weak Bluetooth signals as well. As for the size? It’s the perfect size to fit in your pocket.

The iBobber fish finder weighs very little, so it’s not a burden to hold on to it. Once you have connected your fish finder to your smartphone, you can keep your cell phone at a safe distance. iBobber has the ability to scan even at a 100ft distance. This is the most popular selling point for the device.

Comparison Of Features

Given the fish finding features of both the devices, here are a few factors you should look at when choosing your pick:


Your fish finder should be reliable. In what sense? Connectivity and scanning. A spotty connection won’t help you find any fish at all because, by the time your connection is restored, the fish would have moved by a couple of hundred miles.

Scanning would involve the accuracy of the fish. No one wants to fish out trash from rivers. So be sure that the finder you choose does have fish on its radar and nothing else.

Battery life

Battery life is one of the top features you should look at when choosing a fish finder. The one with the longest battery life wins. After all, you don’t know how long you will be stranded on a boat with nothing more than your equipment and a couple of buddies.

If your fish finder runs out of battery while you’re fishing, it’s pretty much a hopeless situation from thereon. With a strong battery life, you can fish from the rise of the sun to the sight of a beautiful sunset.

Scan Range

Scan range is also a very critical element to consider. If you’re out on the water, you need a fish finder with a large radius to scan. There’s not going to be much use if the radius is small. For starters, once you start fishing, there will be no fish in your radius, and then you’ll have to move constantly.

A large radius is the recipe for a successful fishing trip. Imagine all the fish you could catch when you know how many there are in the water.


If you’re a constant angler, you would know some of the struggles you’ve had to face. Some of it has to do with locations and memorizing them. Luckily for you, most fish finders now have mapping abilities.

If you make this feature a part of your decision-making, you will find a gem of a fish finder. Not only will this help you understand the topography underneath, but it also saves locations for you. It’s a lifesaver if your life depends on it.

Final Thoughts – Deeper vs. iBobber Fish Finder

With the elements and features above in mind, you can choose the fish finder that is the best for you. Consider your location and the body of water you’re considering and make your purchase. Deeper and iBobber both have their pros and cons. However, they are both suited to different types of anglers.

Once you know what you want, it won’t be hard to make your pick. While iBobber has a couple of additional features than Deeper, Deeper has a range of devices that is hard to follow. Take a look at all your options. There is a lot to choose from.

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