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If you’re in the market for a new kayak paddle and you plan to go fishing in that kayak it’s pretty important to pick a fishing single kayak paddle and not just any old paddle.

What is the difference? Unfortunately there aren’t many paddles that are made and marketed specifically as such so it is hard to know which one you should get.

The major difference is how high or low they paddle in the water.

Sneaking up on fish is important and having the right paddle will have you move swiftly and quietly so you can surprise them.

In this article I will give you a buyer guide so you know how to choose the right paddle and which are the best fishing kayak paddles out there.

Does A Kayak Paddle Make A Difference?

It may seem like getting the right paddle will work no matter how you plan to use your kayak. There are a lot of different parameters to look for in buying a kayak fishing paddle in general, but there are certain things that will make a certain paddle be better or worse for fishing.

So, yes, it does matter what kind of paddle you use when fishing.

Here are some of the things to look out for when looking for the best fishing kayak paddle.

The Right Angle

You want to look for low angle blades. As opposed to high angle blades that are good for sport kayaking.

Low angle single kayak paddle blades are longer and thinner so they disrupt the water less than other types. When you hold the shaft of the paddle at about the level of the water and use calm strokes, then you can be dead quiet. Sneaking up on the fish is much easier when the paddle glides through the water.

Adjustable Feathering

Many times when out fishing you are dealing with windy conditions. Your kayak can get blown off course very easily, which makes it tough to paddle. Making it even harder is the fact that the single kayak paddle blades can also catch the wind. Having the feathering, aka offsetting of the blades to each other, adjustable makes it much easier to paddle in windy conditions.

This feathering means you can decide what angle is going to be right depending on the conditions. When it is a flat and calm day you can have both blades at the same angle. When it is windy, offset them so that only one single kayak paddle blade will completely face the wind while the other slices through it.

It is more effort to paddle when they are offset but it does make it easier than when they are at the same angle in the wind.

Shaft Material

Any kayaker is looking for a lightweight paddle to reduce fatigue no matter what they plan to do while out on the water.

In this case, then this section doesn’t highlight a difference but is in essence going to be the same.

Look for carbon fiber for your shaft material to cut way down on the weight. Fiberglass shafts are very durable but can also be a few ounces heavier. Which doesn’t sound like much of a difference until you are paddling for a few hours at a time then you feel the difference.

Our Top Picks

Bending Branches Angler Pro Plus

Designed and marketed as a superior fishing kayak paddle, the Bending Branches Angler Pro is one of the best all around paddles in general.

With a carbon fiber shaft, it is one of the lightest paddles out there which reduces fatigue when out paddling. The blades are made out of durable compressed fiberglass.

Very long blades at 104 Sq. In give you a lot of surface area to move water while also keeping the blade angle low for minimum disruption.

This is great for use in salt water or wide open areas where there are not many underwater obstacles. The blades are quite stiff since they are made of compressed fiberglass and not nylon. You wouldn’t want to be hitting rocks with your blade and risk damaging them.

Overall this is a great fishing kayak paddle that is ideal for the beginner or pro.

Werner Camano Hooked

Another fishing kayak paddle made specifically for kayak fishing is the Werner Camano. Like the BB Angler Pro, it has a lightweight carbon fiber shaft with the blades made out of compressed fiberglass.

Adjustable feathering can change your blade angle from 0 to 60° for those windy days. Dihedral allows for smooth and stable forward paddling to reduce fatigue even further. It’s like paddling without a paddle in a way. Low angle blades will get you to the fish efficiently and quietly.

Whether you like to sit low or high is not a problem since the length is adjustable.

AQUA BOUND Sting Ray Hybrid

Though this is not made with kayak fishing specifically in mind, it is designed and engineered in a way that is ideal for guys looking to fish.

The shaft is 100% carbon fiber and is very lightweight. The blades are made out of a hybrid of fiberglass reinforced nylon for strength but also with a bit of give in case you bang it against a rock or tree stump hidden under water.

Feathering can be customized as it can be changed in 15° increments to really suit the wind conditions of the day. An ovalized shape to the shaft makes it easy to grip comfortably and reduces hand fatigue to allow for more hours of fishing.

Werner Skagit Hooked

Another classic paddle by Werner that sits kayak fishing perfectly is the Skagit. With its carbon fiber shaft it is lightweight and durable. The blades this time are nylon with fiberglass reinforcement for added durability.

This is a good cheaper option for a paddle that doesn’t have all the features of other Werner paddles but it does deliver on performance. For example, it doesn’t have an adjustable feathering.


Though these are our idea for the best fishing kayak paddles, they are not the only ones. There are tons more great paddles out there. If you need further recommendations then drop a line in the comment box below!

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