Best Kids Fishing Rod For Fly Fishing

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Every fishing parent dreams of taking their kid out for a fishing trip.

If you are a fly fisherman then it gets a little complicated.

Which is why you need the right kids fishing rod for fly fishing so they have a solid chance to learn the art and actually catch a fish.

In this article I will talk about kids fishing rods with fly fishing in mind so you can enjoy a trip with your kid.

What to Look For

When you’re trying to select a child fly rod, the first thing to consider is the age of your son or daughter. In general, most kids fly fishing rods are designed for kids aged six to nine.

Next, think about your child’s attention span. 

Depending on your child’s age, interest in the sport, attention span, and personality, you may need to invest in a kids fishing rod that has vivid colors or a sparkly design to help grab their focus. 

Don’t bust your budget on an expensive, overly delicate fly rod that will likely be broken the first time your child gets it out on the water. 

You don’t want to worry about your kid’s handling and transporting of the equipment when you’re headed out on the water your primary concerns should be your child’s safety and enjoyment of the overall experience.

The first and most important quality of choosing a good fishing rod is buying one that is not too stiff. Sure casting long distances and chucking huge flies will require a stiff powerful rod, but your child won’t be doing either of those things right off the bat. 

A limber lightweight action rod will allow your child to feel the rod load, leading to a much quicker grasp on the proper timing and technique. 

If a new fly angler can’t feel the rod loading it will take at least 2x longer to get the casting basics down because the number one problem I have found in most new anglers; is not pausing long enough on the backcast and not knowing when to begin your forward acceleration.

Best Fly Rod For Kids – Echo Gecko Kids Fly Fishing Kit

The Echo Gecko is complete with a rod, reel, leader, line, and a rod/reel tube. It also comes with a premium quality Airflo tapered leader, meaning all you need to do to get out on the water is to tie on a fly. 

A fly reel is matched to the rod and comes equipped with the very best Echo floating weight forward fly line and 20 lb Dacron fly line backing.

The Echo Gecko rod makes it easy for kids to practice their roll casts, allowing them to interact comfortably with the water and their surroundings. Because your child won’t have to focus as much on the logistics of casting and reeling in fish, his attention will be freed up to pay attention to choppy waters or slippery steps.

As a mid-weight rod, with a 4/5 rod weight, it allows kids to feel all the action without necessarily having to react to every bump or jiggle. It has fast-tighten reel seats that are easy to use and adjust as needed.

Built with a short, two-inch fighting butt that allows young anglers to cast with both hands while they’re still getting the hang of it, it also has a specially designed handle that is multicolored. This allows kids to have fun while they are practicing their casts.

If you’re planning on using the rod for several different fish species, this is also a good choice. It can handle anything from trout and bass to small panfish, with the ability to handle a standard WF4 line or short belly WF5.

Overall, this is an excellent first kids fly fishing rod that is of higher quality than you would expect for something for kids to use. It isn’t cheap but it will last through the rigors that a child will put on a rod.


Getting kids out on the water is one of the best things you can do for them. Having an appreciation of the outdoors will stay with them a lifetime.

With the right gear, the experience can be enjoyable for you as much as for them.

If you have any questions about this kids fishing rods or others, then drop a line in the comment box below!

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