Poseidon Pelican Kayak Paddle Review

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Your kayak paddle is the most important piece of equipment after your kayak. It will seriously impact your performance and how much you enjoy your time on the water. 

What do you do when you are on a budget?

Check out the Poseidon Pelican paddle.

It is inexpensive but has a lot of features that make it worth way more than you end up spending.

Poseidon Pelican Paddle | Ideal For Beginners


The Poseidon features larger blades with built-in retrieval hooks, a longer shaft for wider kayaks, drip rings, 0 to 65 degrees blade angle adjustment and a tape measure along the shaft. In other words, it is ideal for those looking to go kayak fishing.

The Poseidon shaft is made from aluminum which is easy on your wallet and is actually fairly durable. The downside is that it can be uncomfortable to hold when it’s hot or cold out. This is particularly worth thinking about if the water you’re paddling in is cold. 

Fiberglass reinforced blades are a nice addition, however. Reinforcing plastic blades with fiberglass can improve performance and durability. It comes in a nice color that’s easy on the eyes – not everyone likes a pink kayak paddle after all. This paddle doesn’t float so don’t forget your Pelican kayak paddle holder to secure it!

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