Best Wooden Kayak Paddles

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With so many synthetic materials in our lives, it feels really good to use natural products.

Using wooden kayak paddles puts you even closer to feeling like you’re in full nature when fishing.

But, how do they work? Are they worth it?

Whether you have one made for you by companies like Onno kayak paddles or you buy one already made from Amazon, I think you’ll be surprised at how fun they are to paddle.

Best Wooden Kayak Paddles

Bending Branches Impression Wood Kayak Paddle

Bending Branches’ Impression kayak paddle has all of the natural flex and softness of wood, making it easy on the body and hands. It enters the water quietly with smoothly profiled front and back faces, usually found in the most expensive synthetic paddles. 

Like the Onno kayak paddles, the Impression’s shaft is solid basswood, and the blade is made of several natural shades of basswood

The Impression comes with a snug-fitting traditional 3 hole snap-button ferrule (adjustable for feathering angles 0° and 60°, L or R). The ferrule is made of composite materials so that it won’t corrode or seize up.

Your hands won’t get cold or hot as they would if you use an aluminum shaft paddle, either. Though the blades only have a slight scoop shape to them, they do pull water quite well. As long as you are not looking for speed, then this paddle will suit a lot of different situations.

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