Is a 250cm Kayak Paddle the Right Size for You?

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Having the right sized kayak paddle can make all the difference while on the water.

No matter what brand or model you buy, too short of a paddle will have you hitting your hands on the sides of the kayak. Too long and you could be adding extra strain to your shoulders and zig-zagging the kayak in the water, which can be exhausting.

Determining the proper kayaking paddle length to use is based on several factors, from body stature to boat dimensions to paddle stroke preference. 

So, saying that you should use a 250cm kayak paddle or a 240cm kayak paddle is not easy to answer without knowing a few things beforehand.

Let’s take a look at what goes into picking the right size paddle and which ones will be best for you.

What’s The Right Paddle Length?

The length of your torso becomes one of the elements when using your height to determine which paddle length will work best for you. Most tables chart list just your height against various paddle lengths. Taking your torso height into account as well can help reaffirm what the height charts suggest for a proper paddle length.

Here is a handy chart to help you figure out the best size kayak paddle.

Torso HeightPaddle LengthHigh AngleLow Angle
24”180 to 200cm210 to 215cm215 to 220cm
26”190 to 200cm210 to 215cm215 to 220cm
28”200 to 220cm210 to 215cm215 to 220cm
30” 210 to 230cm220 to 230cm230 to 240cm
32”220 to 240cm230cm240cm
34”230 to 250cm230cm240cm

Not pictured is the height for a 270 cm kayak paddle as they are often difficult to find.

How Do You Want To Paddle?

Do you prefer a high stroke that brings the power face closer to the side of the boat in a less acute angle of entry to the water? Or, do you like the lower stroking angle often used for casual touring that puts the shaft at a more acute angle to the surface? The same paddler, in the same kayak, would use a slightly shorter paddle for the former style, say around a 200 cm kayak paddle. And a slightly longer for the latter, maybe around a 240 cm kayak paddle.

You can see that finding the ideal or optimal paddle length depends on a variety of factors relating to the physical shape of the paddler, one’s individual paddling style and the type of boat with which the paddle will be used. These are all gray areas that limit any black & white statement about which paddle length you should choose.

Best Paddles By Length

Let’s go over a few of the best paddles by length.

Best 250cm Paddle – Bending Branches Angler Classic

The Angler Classic 250cm kayak paddle gives you all the bells and whistles that our high-end fishing paddles do, at a price any kayak fisherman can afford. This 250cm kayak paddle enables you to smoothly pull through the water and maintain a flutter-free stroke no matter your skill level.

Best 240 cm Kayak Paddle – AQUA BOUND Sting Ray Hybrid

If the 250cm kayak paddle pictured above is just a little bit too much for you, the Sting Ray Hybrid is the lightest injection molded kayak paddle available at its price point. With its mid-sized blades built of exclusive Aqua-Bound abXII resin reinforced with fiberglass and its all-carbon shaft, this paddle reduces fatigue and joint strain for flat-water paddlers.

Not to say that it can’t be used in a current or in the salt water, but this 240 cm kayak paddle does give nice smooth strokes in flat water so you can move quickly without straining yourself.

Best 200 Cm Kayak Paddle – Werner Sherpa Fiberglass Whitewater Kayak Paddle

The Werner Sherpa Fiberglass Whitewater Kayak Paddle is an exceptionally smooth and responsive river running design. The blades are evenly balanced creating a stroke that is powerful and smooth from catch to release.

Align your wrists in a more ergonomic position, reduce fatigue, and gain the confidence of full hand contact. The design makes it all possible.

A 200 cm kayak paddle means it can give you awesome high angle strokes to really get some purchase in the water for excellent maneuverability.

Best 270 cm Kayak Paddle –  Accent Paddles Ultimate Angler Adjustable Fishing 

With its stealth-like appearance, the accent Ultimate Angler is the perfect tool for stalking the fish. Your strokes will be quiet and not disrupt too much water which would spook the fish. 

Its carbon reinforced nylon blades are durable yet lightweight with a little bit of flex to go easy on your joints as you paddle.

It isn’t easy finding a 270 cm kayak paddle so this may be your only option but don’t worry, it is an excellent paddle in its own right.


As you can see, there is a kayak paddle length out there for everybody. From a 250cm kayak paddle to 270, you can find what you need to get out on the water and not regret it because you have the wrong size paddle.

As I mentioned already, having the right sized kayak paddle is going to make or break your outing. If you have one that is too small or too big it won’t be as much fun as it should be.

If you have any questions about any of these kayak paddles, then drop a line in the box below and I will get back to you ASAP!

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