Best FiberGlass Kayak Paddles

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With all the different varieties of kayak paddles out there, you may be wondering which material you should go for.

Let me give you some reasons to be thinking about going with fiberglass kayak paddles.

Different materials have different features and are definitely priced accordingly. You can save some money by going with the best fibreglass kayak paddles.

Let’s take a look at some of the best fiberglass kayak paddles and how to know which one is right for you.

Overview Of Kayak Paddle Materials

If you are only just starting out with your kayaking hobby, then you may be very confused about which material kayak paddle you should go with.

Here is a brief primer on paddle materials so you can see which fiberglass kayak paddles is probably going to be right for you.


Many times when you buy a budget kayak, you get a free paddle. And most of the time it is made from aluminum. This is because it is a very cheap material and gets the job done. It costs hardly any money for the brand to throw one in for you.


  • Great for beginners since they are very cheap
  • Easy to get used to using
  • Durable construction


  • Tend to be heavy
  • Easy to dent
  • Transfers cold or heat to your hands depending on the elements
  • Have limited appeal for intermediate and advanced users


Though you likely wouldn’t be reading this if you were thinking of going with a plastic kayak paddle, there is a bit to know. Yes, they are very cheap and not the highest quality, but if you are on a strict budget they could provide you a season or two of fun kayaking before you graduate to bigger and better things.


  • The cheapest of the materials you can use for a kayak paddle
  • Good for beginners because there is no learning curve


  • Plastic can break easily
  • Usually in one piece so storage is difficult
  • Hard to paddle long distances


If you have already graduated from the cheaper aluminum or plastic paddles then you are ready for fiberglass. Even somebody just starting out that knows that they want to take the sport seriously would do well to start with a fibreglass kayak paddle right away.

It is very durable while also being more lightweight than the plastic or aluminum versions.


  • Durable enough to handle some rough situations
  • Lightweight compared to other materials
  • Has some flex so they aren’t too rigid
  • Can be one or two piece design
  • Can be used for power or for touring


  • Not as light as carbon fiber 
  • Some have too much flex which makes them harder to use for performance kayaking

Carbon Fiber

This is the king of fiberglass kayak paddles as it is lightweight, durable and can give you high-performance paddling.

That comes at a cost though, that puts it out of reach of many beginner and intermediate kayakers.

If you are just looking to fish or tour, then you don’t need to spend hundreds on a paddle.

If you want an all arounder that can get you around your pond or give you some speed to get to some feeding birds in the saltwater, then having a carbon fiber is the way to go.


  • Very lightweight yet very strong
  • Gives you a lot of power for high angle strokes
  • Great for long distance paddling
  • Many have adjustable feathering for the blades


  • Can be very expensive ie hundreds of dollars
  • Not very good on the joints as there is little flex

Our Top Picks For The Best Fibreglass Kayak Paddle


The Sting Ray is an excellent beginner to intermediate paddle with a blade shape that is smooth through the water while giving you some good power for those times you need speed.

The fiberglass shaft offers a nice flex and feel in the water while the fiberglass-reinforced abX II blades are durable yet also have some flex.

Whether you ae looking to use the paddle for camping kayaking, touring or fishing, these paddles can handle the job. If you are a more advanced kayaker but still on a budget, you can also get a bit of high performance out of them. Well, maybe standard performance plus some, I should clarify.

If you like to feather your blades you have the option to set them 60° apart. 

Overall, this is a very well made paddle at an entry level price.

Vibe Evolve 230-250 Centimeter Adjustable Fiberglass Paddle

The Vibe Evolve Paddle features a dihedral angle blade for a more efficient pull through the water and a large powerful blade face to get you moving quickly. It adjusts from 230 cm to 250 cm making it ideal for fishing kayaks with adjustable height seats or even just out touring to catch views of the local wildlife.

Then the two piece snap button allows for the ferrule angles 0 and 60° for left or right handed paddling.

You can use it for either low angle or high angle paddling depending on how you set the length. 

Bending Branches Angler Classic

With features like a tape measure on the shaft and a hook retrieval built right into the blade, the benefits are more than efficiency and convenience. This paddle is custom made for the kayak fisherman in mind.

But it isn’t just the bells and whistles. Bending Branches is one of the top brands for fiberglass kayak paddles and the Angler Classic shows this.

The rugged fiberglass-reinforced blades offer a perfect blend of weight and durability, resulting in smooth paddling with less fatigue, even with a heavy load. When the fish are biting you don’t want to pack it in early because your joints are aching. Luckily, you can do much more fishing with the right paddle like the Angler Classic. 

If it’s a cost effective, high quality and good looking paddle that you are after, the Bending Branches Angler Classic needs to be on the top of your list.

Carlisle Predator Angler Fiberglass Paddle

The sturdy construction of the Carlisle Predator gives the kayak fisherman greater control and maneuverability on the water without sacrificing weight or durability. The glass-reinforced polypropylene blades seem to be nearly indestructible and feel great against the current. They pull a nice amount of water so you can make good time if you need some speed while out on the water.

The blades are high-angled and have a lure retrieval notch to help free your gear from snags. They’re made of fiberglass reinforced polypropylene which is more rigid and performs better than nylon. This material does tend to weigh down the paddle, however.

An intermediate paddler will do well with this fibreglass kayak paddle and is a nice upgrade from a cheap aluminum or plastic one.

Winnerwell Unsinkable Two Piece Construction Kayak Paddle

The Winnerwell Unsinkable is one of the best fiberglass kayak paddles for under $100. There are not many cheap kayak paddles that offer as much performance and durability. It’s strong enough to handle all the punishment that you dish out to it to give you a fun and great day on the water.

Whether you are looking for a touring or sporting paddle then you can do it with this nice fiberglass kayak paddles. Lightweight and durable fiberglass-reinforced nylon blade produces smooth yet powerful strokes and are very sturdy.

If you find yourself paddling in water with lots of hidden rocks or logs then you’ll love having these strong blades.


Having any one of these excellent fibreglass kayak paddles will get you some fun and exciting paddling out on the water. 

You can be a biginner or even advanced kayaker to use these fiberglass kayak paddles as they are easy to pick up and go without much of a learnign curve.

Do you have any questions about these paddles? Is there one you are interested in but don’t see in the reviews? Then drop a line and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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