Which Werner Whitewater Kayak Paddles Is Best?

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If you are looking to go whitewater kayaking you need a paddle that can stand up to the rigors.

Werner are the leaders in kayak paddles so let’s take a look at what I think is the best for this type of paddling.

My Pick – Werner Desperado

The design of this paddle is meant to be a mid-priced whitewater paddle. For those that are only encountering occasional whitewater or are running rivers that are not as rough as some others, then there is no need to go full powerhouse. This way you can save a few dollars by getting the right paddle for your needs.

What you get is a stiff blade that gives you some good power strokes when you find yourself needing to get out of a washing machine.

Only available in a straight shaft, it is durable and strong. Combine that with the carbon fiber reinforced dihedral blades and you have a very powerful paddle – and most whitewater kayak paddle reviews confirm that.

If you need an entry-level whitewater paddle then your search is over.

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