BIGSUN Rechargeable Spotlight Review

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Undoubtedly, great lighting gives an additional sense of security and glamour to your activities. Whether it is camping, an extended stay in a dark basement, or a night boat ride, one can never overestimate the importance of a reliable spotlight.

We are aware that scouring the Internet or your local store for a reliable spotlight yourself can be daunting. This challenge usually occurs due to the numerous array of products in the market and little technical knowledge.

We have used this spotlight for night fishing and we were very impressed with it, so have decided to give you a detailed review on everything that this spotlight has to offer.

In this article, we intend to give you a comprehensive review of the BIGSUN rechargeable spotlight, one of the best brands in the niche.

BIGSUN Rechargeable Spotlight Review

This product is an ultra-bright flashlight manufactured by BIGSUN. It provides efficient lighting for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor activities. The spotlight, though it comes with a lightweight design, is ideal for heavy-duty engagements.

It is also portable and designed to provide a versatile range of lighting needs with convenience. As a brand that always claims to meet customer demands with exciting innovations, this product stands tall with several unique features like long working hours, adjustable settings, and long-range functioning.

Who is This Spotlight for?

First and foremost, this product can be used indoors for a wide variety of activities. Therefore, it is a great lighting tool for readers and people who engage in miscellaneous home activities like cleaning and cooking. If you like to spend long hours in a dark basement or an attic, having a flashlight is an important safety tool.

It is also an excellent tool for outdoor engagements like camping. Night campers will benefit significantly from the product’s versatility and efficiency. Hunters are another category of people that will benefit immensely from the technical advantages of this flashlight. Due to its long-range of functions, hunters can easily spot their game from up to 800m.

Hikers who navigate top dark mountains need sufficient lighting on their missions. The light’s adjustable settings will help hikers acclimatize to the corresponding lighting needs on their journey. The same thing goes for people who love camping. A memorable camping experience requires sufficient lighting, especially when night comes.

Boat riders are also at risk of encountering inevitable darkness, particularly when they ride at night. Therefore, attaching a spotlight to the boat will go a long way to ease the ride.

What’s Included?

The package comes with a unit of the flashlight, one red lens with a fixed ring, and one charger. The charger can go in most wall sockets and enable users to recharge the flashlight’s batteries. For convenience, the manufacturers included a stand that you can fold if you wish to place it on a platform. For people who need a light source while they move, the package also comes with a shoulder strap. Lastly, there’s a user manual that outlines how to assemble and use the product.

Overview of Features

The flashlight comes with three main light modes. It also has a single button for switching between the different brightness levels. Overall, it provides lighting for up to eight hundred meters which is an excellent specification for hunters and people who need long-range lights.

The product’s working hours stand between 16 to 30 hours depending on the brightness. Its 10,000mAh fast-charging batteries power these extended working hours. You can recharge it up to a thousand times, and it can also serve as a power bank for emergency purposes. Therefore, it serves as a multifunctional tool to provide convenient outings.

In terms of aesthetics, the flashlight comes with a tripod stand that can be adjusted at different angles. This allows you to use the tool as a floodlight or during repair without any inconvenience. It also comes with a shoulder strap for holding when you’re on the move. Also for convenience is the lightweight design and cords, which makes it easy to pack for walks and other activities.

The product also comes with a sidelight that can replace your dysfunctional car lights. This light, which comes in red and blue, can serve as a reliable distress signal during emergencies.

How to Use BIGSUN Rechargeable Spotlight

The product is pretty easy to assemble and use. Unpack the box and fix the lens if you need one. You can also attach the tripod by coupling directly below the base. There’s also a cord that is easily fitted to hang on the shoulder. Lastly, press the power button and turn the light in any direction you wish.

If you wish to see a live demonstration of how to use the product, check this video.


The YIERBLUE Rechargeable spotlight is a similar product in price and features to the brand under review. It has a very bright lumen that shines up to a distance of 800m. Supporting this amazing light power is an extended battery life of over 20 hours. Also, this flashlight is compatible with varying degrees of activity.

You can use it as a floodlight or even a reading lamp as it comes with adjustable settings that regulate its brightness. The manufacturers guarantee a lifetime warranty, just like the product under review, and a 24-hour online after-sale service.

Another incredible feature of this product is that you can use it to charge your phones or similar devices as the batteries are robust to serve these functions. In terms of aesthetics, its portability is enviable, and the manufacturers used military-grade quality materials that can resist even the most rugged bumps during use.

It also comes with a tripod stand that you can fold if you wish to use it hands-free. Overall, this is a perfect lighting tool for indoor use and outdoor activities such as camping and hunting.


A spotlight has many indoor and outdoor benefits ranging from helping you make convenient repairs to giving you a memorable camping night. Whichever reason you choose to use a spotlight, it is essential to get a rechargeable and powerful brand like BIGSUN. Apart from its long-range function and extended working hours, the product also guarantees considerable durability.

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