The Perfect Solution For A Broken Fishing Rod? A Pocket Fishing Rod!

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Have you ever been out fishing on a kind of the spur of the moment trip? 

You had a little time to hit the water so you only brought along the bare essentials. Then, your rod snaps in half. 

Without a backup you had to call it a day after having a broken fishing rod and headed home. If you had a pocket fishing rod, then you could have still kept fishing!

My Pick For The Best Pocket Rod

BLISSWILL Fishing Gear 

This is a very surprising fishing rod that fits into your pocket. It isn’t a pen-type, though, which is a good thing. It folds up and is telescopic so it is much more solid than a pen style.

I love that everything is self contained. With other pocket fishing rods, they have the reel separate from the rod and it needs to be mounted before you use it. In this case, everything is self contained. And it even has an extension on the butt that slides open so you can store some hooks and jigs inside.

I love that it also has a push button to cast it, making it ideal for kids to fish. In fact it beats the Rocket fishing rod since it is much higher quality.

In fact, it is made with a solid ABS resin and fiberglass so it can handle a fighter than the Rocket fishing rod. As long as you aren’t looking for any trophy fish, this will handle your catch. For crappies and mackerel, it is perfect. 

Final Thoughts

You will definitely be surprised by the quality of this rod. It is not a gimmick even though it literally can fit into a pocket. 

Either as a backup or for your favorite discreet fishing rod, it will get used quite a bit. Don’t pass by the pier without this in your pocket!

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