Best Bending Branches Kayak Paddle

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There are a few brands I highly trust to make a great paddle. And Bending Branches kayak paddles are known amongst yakkers to be the best of the best.

They make a lot of different types so which one do you need if you are looking to get out there and fish from your kayak?

It may seem like the paddle doesn’t matter for fishing, but this thought is way off.

Read our review of the Bending Branches Angler Ace kayak paddle and see why we think it is the very best for kayak fishing.

Bending Branches Angler Ace kayak paddle

Why Try The Angler Ace?

When you need performance the paddle definitely matters. When you need performance and a paddle that can handle the rigors of kayak fishing it becomes even more important. 

Carbon reinforced nylon blades will pull the water effectively and efficiently while also being strong enough to handle getting knocked against rocks or trees underwater.

What really puts it over the top is a small detail that comes in really handy. It has a hook retrieval system built into the blade so you don’t have to reach to grab your hook and risk capsizing.

This paddle is made for anybody of any size since it is adjustable in 10cm increments. You can customize the paddle to suit your exact needs this way.

Feathering your blades is also customizable and can be made from 0° to 60°.

In essence, if you are serious paddler and need a paddle that matches your intensity then you should be looking into the Angler Pro.

Bending Branches Sunrise Kayak Paddle

Another pick as a runner-up is the Bending Branches Sunrise Kayak Paddle available on This is a comfortable paddle to use to reduce fatigue from being out on the water all day. The shaft is oval for a nice, easy grip and the blades can pull some serious water.

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