Pelican 30 Quart Elite Cooler Review

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If you are reading this, you are probably planning a fishing trip or an outdoor outing with friends and family and are on the hunt for a cooler. You would need a cooler to pack your food or drinks on the occasion and one that will be able to keep your food properly. A cooler is essential for every home, whether you have a trip or not.

You could always find a use for it, and it can also serve as storage containers for other important equipment. If you are planning to get one, we recommend you read on to learn about the Pelican 30-Quart Elite Cooler.

Pelican 30 Quart Elite Cooler Detailed Review

The Pelican Elite Cooler is one of the favorites in the market today. This model comes with the best ice retention function and is built with polyurethane insulation foam that keeps it airtight. The cooler boasts of a 360° deep freeze gasket that preserves the ice you store in it. The design is compact and very attractive. There are lots of interesting features we will be talking about later on in this review.

Who is this Cooler for?

One of the reasons why we recommend this cooler is because it can be used by everyone and for all storage purposes. The cooler is for people who are planning a party, a beach outing, or a picnic. If you plan on hosting a barbecue party with friends, it will come in handy to keep your drinks chilled.

The container is large enough to store up to 23 cans, and you can also keep other non-food items in it. Whether you have electrical equipment or camera equipment, you can safely store them in this cooler.

What’s Included?

When you buy the Pelican Elite Cooler, you are purchasing quality because it comes with the best quality materials. The design and build are suited for rugged use. The package comes with high-quality latches, a freezer-grade seal, and ergonomic handles. All its parts meet industry standards and are designed to last long.

It is built with a 360° degree freezer-grade gasket for excellent ice retention, 3-inch locking latches, an anti-shear hinge system, a stainless steel bottle opener, and molded-in tie-down slots.

Overview of Features

Looking at the Pelican 30qt cooler, you can tell it’s attractive because of its compact design and aesthetics. It is visually appealing and comes in several color options. You can get the Pelican cooler in white, grey, green, red, and tan colors. It is versatile and can be used for your small fishing trips or kayaking. The cooler comes with a drain plug that allows you to drain out the water easily after the ice is melted.

Another amazing feature is its polyurethane insulation which has a 360° freezer-grade gasket for keeping ice longer. It can store your ice for up to 10 days, depending on your weather conditions. The ice retention feature is one of its major selling points.

The Pelican 30 Quart Elite Cooler also has an ergonomic design handle for easy carriage. You can always lift the cooler conveniently whether you have a cold or hot substance in the cooler. The handle is made out of hard-molded plastic material. Getting this cooler comes with other additional perks like its built-in bottle opener, fish ruler, and easy-to-open latches. You get value for your money when you get this Pelican cooler.

The cooler is easy to clean with its self-draining cup holders and is durable. The latches are made from an ABC plastic material which is commonly used in power tools. This high-quality grade plastic won’t break or crack even when the cooler is dropped or hit hard.

How to Use Pelican 30 Quart Elite Cooler

One way you can get the best performance from your Pelican Elite Cooler is to use the right amount of ice. One of the best features of this cooler is its ice retention, and you can keep your drinks chilled for days in it. If you want cold drinks, make sure you have more ice than drinks in the container. It should be at least a 2:1 ice ratio.

Also, we recommend getting ice from commercial ice makers and have your drinks frozen in the refrigerator before transferring to the cooler. Before you place your iced drinks, ensure that the cooler is pre-cooled by placing lots of ice in it overnight.

If you want the ice retained, make sure the cooler is filled to the top. You can do this by stacking the ice in layers along with the drinks. It should keep your drinks cold and also fill the container, so the ice doesn’t melt quickly.

Additionally, when using your cooler, you will need to clean it after use. Cleaning is easy and can be done using dish soap. It would be best if you rinsed the cooler with water thoroughly after washing with soap. Keeping it clean is important for your hygiene and also to prevent your cooler from retaining any unpleasant smell. If you use the right amount of ice, pack your food or drinks properly and clean your cooler. After this, you will get the best performance from your Pelican Elite Cooler.


There are many cooler brands in the market today, and only very few meet the quality of the Pelican Elite Cooler. However, if you are looking for an alternative to the Pelican 30 Quartz Elite Cooler, we recommend looking at the 30 Quartz Stanley Adventure Cooler.

It is a more affordable option and great for campers. The cooler can easily be placed on a table or chair surface and will preserve your cold drinks for at least up to two days. You can also comfortably store up to 23 cans in this cooler.


If you want a durable cooler that is not only attractive but versatile, we recommend you get the Pelican 30 Quart Elite Cooler. It has a lot to offer in terms of efficiency, and you will get value for your money. With its long-lasting ice retention feature, you can have your drinks chilled for days. Hopefully, our review should help you decide if this Pelican Cooler is right for you. You can choose from any of its attractive color options and take it on your next camping trip.

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